I hope that you enjoy having a lil' stroll thru my blog page. It's not very big as yet as I'm very new to this. Please leave comments as I value constructive critism and especially any praise. Love to all and Enjoy........

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Buttons and Bows.

Buttons !

Not something I use very often.
Buttons are something I love but never actually use very often, again its a colour matching thing. I think myb i'm just a little to fussy... a friend said it's not ment to be perfect, it's handmade. Duh? It's even more important that every touch is just right, every line is straight and every colour stays in the lines, NO bits of white edges on your cutting out.
It's a gift, it shud be the best!

In my wierd and wonderful mind anyway!

Do u agree?

Here is my entry for Passion 4 Promarkers.  No 39.

Papers are MME -  Pretty Please Spring Papers.
I used 7 buttons. and ribbon on both front and body of the card.
Sarah Kay Image is a colouring page, pringted, scanned, shrunk  and printed on cardstock.(Google - sarah kay colouring).


Promarkers used were...
 Skin Tones - Ivory, Vanilla and Oatmeal.
Hair - Vanilla and Tan.
Trousers and Top - Lilac, Lavender and Bluebell.
Pocket was Powder Blue and Rose Pink (spots).
Flowers - Rose Pink and Cerise.
(Not the best combo, I need more pinks that actually look nice 2gthr.)
Leaves - Forest Green and Pear Green.
Hat - Tan and Cinnamon.
Bow on Hat - Lilac and Bluebell.


I'm off to go and buy the colours for next 4 weeks chal's...

Tulip Yellow

Baby Pink

Bright Green and...

Thats almost another £8 gone! It's not a cheap hobby this!

Craft Obsessions has them at £1.53 at the mo...P+P = £1.50 under £10.00 spend.
Joanna Sheen £1.69 each w Free  P+P.

Does anyone else know a cheaper place to find them.Links would be appreciated...

 My local store sells them at £1.95 each. and thats 7 miles away...£1.95 pls petrol...Might as well order them!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Jacquis Candy

More lovely Candy to enter for.

Dont ya just love the generosity of these lovely girls ?

Monday, 15 February 2010

Rosette's Candy at her lovely Blog.

Yummy Yummy!

I know Y this is called CANDY!
Lots of delicious goodies from Rosette.

Go and have a rest and take a wander thru her blog..Enjoy!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

A very Chilly Sat AM in Devon, England... And I'm on my soap box !!!

It's freezin! Ok well 3 OC is freezin to me...I don't do cold. And sitting on my bottom typing this doesn't help keep me warm, but it is fun! And Sat is normally the only chance I get to just SIT and Blog ! The kids are having their turns on the PS2 and Wii, so apart from groans and shouts it's pretty peacefull. NOT! Fortunatly for me I'm pretty good at turning deaf ! And they only get to go on it at the weekend so it's their time to chill too.

Only at the weekends!
 Arn't I mean??? Nope. I don't agree with them spending hours and hours glued to a screen that doesnt provide any company,  LOVE, conversation or support. What IS the point in having children or in being a family if they are constantly shut away in their room or if they withdraw into a world of  make-believe?  How can I possibly KNOW my children if I don't spend time with them?
Can U tell they don't have TV's in their bedrooms either?

I am amazed at the amount of young children that have speach problems... But then I see toddlers and babies in a pram/ buggy and the parent or person pushing it is wearing headphones and listening to music on their MP3 player.


I loved spending that time singing nursery rhymes and chatting with my babies...Don't get me wrong, we all have MP3 players, even my 7 yr old but they have a time and a place. Why waste those lovely years when they love the time and attention? It makes me mad!

OK, moan over for now,, time for the fun stuff.....


I have decided to try and do a few of these chal' over at  I Love Promarkers.
It's gr8 to find a chal' site that exclusively uses Promarkers for the coloring.
Gr8 cus' thats wot I've got!


Colours used are
Skin - Vanilla, Oatmeal and a dash of Honeycomb around the hairline.
Eyeshadow - Cool Aqua and a dash of Sky Blue.
Cheeks - Rose Pink.
Hairband, Scarf, Belt and Shoes -Rose Pink, Cerise, Magenta and Hotpink.
Top - Cinnamon.
Trousers - Cocoa.
Hair is a motchpotch of colours inc Shale & Walnut. I think!



I found this pretty tough cus' I like to have all my papers really matching. I'm not the type of person who can just put papers together and they look fab, sometimes selecting my papers is wot takes me the longest! But I got there in the end.
Papers are mainly DCWV.
Bazzill Cardstock.
Brown flower is coloured using ProM - Walnut.


Please leave comments, they are much appreciated...
Hugs Vee.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My entry for week 38 Promarker Challenge.

"Agean, Sky blue and Cool Aqua”

That is the challenge this week over at Passion for Promarkers.

I am slowly adding to my Promarker collection so it was great to find a blogsite dedicated to Promarkers .
They do a weekly chal' and also a weekly tutorial to show you new ideas and tricks for using them.

This is my second entry so far and I would love to be a winner.....Prizes are sometimes gift vouchers or even a load Promarkers themselves...A great prize!

This week our selected colours to use are
Sky Blue
Cool Aqua...


My entry uses stamps from THE GREETING FARM.

Princess Anya (Rubber) and Prince Ian (Digi).  

Prince Ian is a FREEBIE digi stamp and you can get him here .

I think they came out rather well, although they are a little darker on the actual card.

I hope the guys at Promarker like it!


I am also entering this as a NON PINK/ RED Love card at Club Anya and Friends.


Hugs from Vee in England.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

~New FREEBIE digistamp over at The Greeting Farm.~

Bertie Valentine is a new digi stamp from the Critter Crew over at TGF.

 And He is FREE for a limited time , Go and grab him ASAP.....


Ideal for any Lovey Dovey kinda card.

Have fun with him.


Hugs VEE

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Take one handsome prince...

Good Evening Ladies,
A lil' story 4U. I made a card for TGF earlier this week. I was desperate for a sentiment for the front. And I am useless at Titles, Sentiments and card writting in general really.

Fortunately 4 me my best friend and buddy Jodie was with me. We often craft together on a Monday.
(We're meant to be working out! ROFL ! )

And she just sat there for 20 seconds and then opened her mouth. And out popped this lovely little Sentiment.

"Take one handsome prince, add
one beautiful princess, to make a
Happily Ever After."
                                        ~ Jodie Ettles.
I have asked Bethany over at Elegant Wordart to turn it into something pretty.
Check out her site for fab FREEBIES.... there's a shop too.
Here is the card that used the sentiment from my "Oh, so clever friend."

This was for Manic Monday over at The Greeting Farm.

The Chal' was an easel card and to use ribbon.

Digi Stamp is the Prince Ian that we got in the relay last week, did you get yours?

Happy Rainy Day

It's a fun colour challenge over at TGF this week.

Purple and Green. Yummy!

Yes, make a card using a TGR image, (rubber or digi).
And use the key colours eveywhere except hair and skin colouring.
So thats CS, PP, Ribbons, Brads, Flowers, Glitter and any other yummy embellies that you can conjure up.

I used a digi stamp from TGF.

You can find Rain, Rain HERE

I love how my card turned out.

Normally I would think the Bright Acid Green cardstock absolutely horrendous. But I love it on this card.


I used Promarkers to colour her in.

Face - Ivory, Vanilla and a dash of Oatmeal.
Hair - I think I used Cocoa.
Cheeks and Mouth - Cocktail Pink.
Waterproofs and Wellies - Leaf Green and Bluebell.


I also used a little clear sparkly glitter glue on the puddle, to look like water. It does too, doesn't it?

Well I'm off to find something else to make and keep me occupied this evening.

Scrappy Hugs to my 2 followers and to anyone else reading.

Happy Rainy Day!