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Thursday, 10 February 2011

A little different today- My new family...

Our 9 mnth old Lop rabbit Merlieah suprised us Tuesday morning by having built a nest in the hutch, We moved her and the nest indoors away from dad. On Wed she destroyed the nest,pulling it apart and eating most of it. After reading that rabbits will only pull fur once, I became more than a little worried. Was she going to be a bad mum? How was she going to keep them warm? Panic! Panic!

Thursday at 10:30 I came home (after rushing out to get her some emergency soft bedding) to find her building a brand new nest. She spent 4 hours rushing back and forth, first with huge mouthfuls of straw and then equally huge mouthfuls of pulled and plucked fur. Phew!

Within 5 mins of finishing her new nest she had kindled (delivered) 4 kits (babies). Delivery time under 4 mins.

Not normally the friendliest lady, Merlieah was a perfect doll. She allowed me to film her from start to finish, sitting right next to the cage. (I'll put on the link to that once it's on Youtube)
Enjoy the photos of my new family.

 Merlieah starts building the replacement nest, she destroyed the first one.

 The beginings of the nest.

Collecting HUGE mouthfuls for straw.


Nearly there, need some fur next.

Tug, tug. Fur for my babies bed.

 Sittting in my nest. Making it all warm and cosy.

                                                                         3+1 = 4

 Katie my 8yr old DD says they look like burnt sausages. 
( Must be Daddie's cooking, not mine,Tee Hee)

  Time for a well earned snack on some Celery.

 Merlieah's  4babies (kits)

Babies born in under 4 minutes. Nest took nearly 4 hours.
Mum and babies are relaxed happy and doing very well.

I will add a link to Youtube with video footage v soon.
She let me record the whole time...

Another tribute to God's wonderful creation.