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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Retry @ NO 9.

So you have seen TGF's sketch that I posted last time, on my entry I used Anya Teacher for a very simple card.

I wasn't to keen on this sketch. And I didn't like my card much either.

At the moment I have a limited amount of Promarkers,due to price. So sometimes things are hard to colour quite as I may have liked. Her hair is rather flat and bland. I've definately made better cards.

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  1. Hiya thank you so much for your comment on the greetings farm gallery :D I found the london scape on line and then took away the white on photo shop.

    I think this card is really cute that paper is so perfect for her and as for the pro markers I know the feeling. I have loads now thanks to people buying them for me for presents but I started with just one pack and it is not ideal. I have a habit of using the same colour to add sahdins as if you wait till the first layer of colour has dried then go over it again it makes it darker.


    Amy xx

    P.S. I love the look of your scrap layouts too :D