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Thursday, 28 January 2010

An early end to TGF relay.

What a shame ! The "TGF" relay was ended early due to massive interest.

And "Dumbo's" like me, who didn't post their comments in the right place. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to get confused . Maybe they will have another way to proceed and share next time around. Thanks go to them all for their hard work and time.


Here is a lil card my son Tom did for the MER Ian chal'.

Bless him! Thomas is my resident artist. He is SO talented with his hands.
His Lego buildings, stories and working models are Awesome with a capital A.


I made a little card for a friend who has just had her first child, a gorgeous yummy, scrummy baby boy...

 I used Digi stamps from
Cocoa Studios. It's A Jungle Out There Digi set.

And they are so cute on this TRI FOLD card.
 Papers are mainly ARCHAIC from Basic Grey.
Stamps are coloured with Promarkers from Letraset.

Adorable stamps arn't they? !

My poor baby girl (ok ,she's 7) is asleep on the couch with Norovirus. She has been being sick all afternoon,  bless her. I had to go and pick her up from school early today. Poor kid, she wanted to know why it always happens to her. We all feel like that when we're ill thou dont we ! My eldest son Matthew  (11), he said he wished it was him. Arn't kids great. They can show so much love, we can definately learn from them.

Well nun - night for now.



  1. I was bummed about the relay too. I didn't have any issues but I REALLY wanted my last digi...wonder what it would have been.

    Love what your little artist with the Mer Ian. Very cute!

    Your baby card...WOW!!! Awesome job on that one. Great design. I so want to try one like that. You are right...the little animal stamps are ridiculously adorable!


  2. Your cards are so sweet! Love your blog as well!

    Sugar Creek Hollow

  3. Lovely Trifold card, so cute, thanks for playing along at PFP.